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When it comes to Mt Barker general dentistry, we’ll put a smile on your face with our exceptional care and expertise.

Dental health is a reflection of your general health, and your mouth is constantly changing. A lot can happen in six months, which is why twice-yearly examinations are important to ensure your mouth remains healthy, potential problems are identified and resolved early, and that your previous dental work is not compromised.

During your first appointment, we encourage patients to ask their dentist as many questions as they need to allay their concerns and to find out the current condition of their teeth, gums.

Mt Barker Dentists will review your dental history, take X-rays if required, review previous restorations, examine your teeth for decay, review your teeth appearance and carry out a soft tissue pathology check. 

We create treatment plans based only on our patients’ exact needs, and on their terms. So we’ll design your plan to suit your availability, financial needs and preferences. We will never lecture you on oral health and those requiring additional treatment will be supported regardless of the options they choose.

We love working with our patients to make them feel confident and happy with their smiles, because we understand how important it is for patients to have peace of mind so they never feel embarrassed by their teeth and they always feel confident and happy returning to us for the best hills dental care.