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General Dentistry » Fissure Seals

Fissure Seals

What are fissure seals?

Fissure seals are a thin resin coating placed into the deep grooves of a tooth to reduce the likelihood of decay developing. Fissure seals are suitable for patients of all ages and are a simple preventative treatment that is needle/pain free. 

Deep grooves in molars are difficult for patients to clean, making them a high-risk site for decay. An easy way to tell that a patient has deep grooves and is at risk, is the presence of brown-black stains that do not clean off. To prevent these stains from beginning to decay, the stains are simply cleaned out and a thin, white resin is flowed into the grooves that then sets hard. 

Benefits of fissure seals

Fissure seals are an inexpensive preventative treatment to stop decay from forming and patients needing more extensive treatment. They are great for kids where brushing can be more challenging. Fissure seals only take our dentists a few minutes of treatment time and unlike fillings, there is no anaesthetic needed.