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Dental Crowns

At Mt Barker Dentists porcelain dental crowns can be made in a single visit at our state of the art, on-site laboratory. And that means no more impressions, temporary crowns or waiting weeks to complete your treatment.

Our dental crowns can be made from a range of porcelains which match natural teeth in strength and appearance. Our laboratory is equipped with a CEREC CAD/CAM dental crown milling machine and furnace allowing us to produce amazing results of outstanding quality. Emax porcelain is the highest quality material and has been dentists’ preferred crown material for decades. It produces beautiful, natural-looking crowns that are less likely to fracture and wear compared to alternative crown material available. We can also make crowns from gold or porcelain over a white gold base if you have a particularly heavy bite and back teeth are needing restoration. Our friendly expert dentists will discuss all the options you have taking into consideration all your special needs.

Why get a dental crown?

While it’s cheaper to keep your original teeth than replace them, and no replacement will ever be as good as your original tooth, there are many reasons for opting for a dental crown.

  • Crowns protect your natural tooth and its root structure, especially as your restorations get larger with time and you get more fractures in the remaining tooth structure.
  • Following root canal treatment, crowns offer the best long-term prognosis for that tooth. They help stop flexing forces that may open a fracture line down the root of the tooth causing the tooth to fail and need extraction.
  • If your teeth are heavily restored or discoloured a crown will make them look attractive again.