Our philosophy is to always deliver the best dentistry through expertise, state of the art technology and exceptional individual patient care.

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Welcome to Mt Barker Dentists

Dear MBD Family,

As per the current directive from SA Health, we have now reverted back to level 1 restrictions as at 12:01am, Wednesday, 28th July 2021. This means, we are able to treat all patients. 

However, Patients who are experiencing cold/flu symptoms, have a temperature, have visited known COVID hotspot locations, or have received a confirmed positive (including those with probable or suspected probable outcomes) COVID test result are unable to be treated in our rooms, and must remain in isolation as per the current health directive. However, please call our rooms for alternative management. 

Prior to entering our rooms, it is a mandated requirement that you check-in using the QR code or manual sign-in sheets. You will need to be wearing a mask and sanitise your hands prior to entering our rooms. In addition, our nurses or reception staff will have mandated questions that we will ask you prior to entry.  

As conditions change, we will continue to keep you up to date with our practice protocol. Be assured that our additional high-level COVID 19 protocols are being maintained.

Best wishes,  

Steve, Julie, Amanda, Jonathan, David and all of our MBD staff.

Located at the new Mt Barker Village Medical Centre

Mt Barker Dentists has been providing Adelaide Hills dental care for around 40 years and we’re now proudly caring for third generation patients who continue to trust us with all their dental needs. They keep coming back because of our extensive dental services utilising state of the art technology, as well as our exceptional patient care in our calm, nurturing environment. We also love welcoming new patients and when it comes to emergencies, we pull out all stops to see emergency cases on the day of need. Our practice is located in the purpose-built, state of the art Mt Barker Village Medical Centre which allows us to offer our patients highly individualised care and the best dentistry solutions in a faster, more affordable and more comfortable manner.Mt Barker Dentists offer patients quality dental solutions tailored to their unique needs and wishes. 95% of all services are provided on-site making us the preferred one stop shop for hills dental care.Our extensive range of services include general and cosmetic dentistry as well as minor orthodontics. To complement our orthodontic services, specialist Dr Berna Kim – the Smiling Orthodontist – also consults from our Mt Barker dental surgery.

Our team

The team at Mt Barker Dentists provides the perfect blend of extensive experience and youthful enthusiasm and new skills. Our founders Dr Stephen Ivett and Dr Julie Monis-Ivett have been serving the Adelaide Hill’s community since 1978 and are totally committed to the area, as are our younger, equally enthusiastic dentists Dr Jonathan Choong and Dr Amanda Waldock. Together with their assistants and reception staff, they are proud to provide the best hills dental care.

State of the art equipment

Mt Barker Dentists use the latest dental equipment and digital X-ray technology. Our practice features a state-of-the-art onsite laboratory and we also offer the revolutionary new CEREC CAD/CAM technology, allowing porcelain dental crowns to be completed in a single appointment with no impressions or temporary crowns.

Our extensive range of sedation options

We understand that many patients experience anxiety or fear when visiting the dentist, so we are dedicated to making their visit as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Our clinic is calming and our staff friendly and reassuring. In addition, Mt Barker Dentists are fully trained to administer a range of anaesthetic and sedation options from happy gas through to intravenous sedation in our Mt Barker dental surgery performed by an expert anaesthetist. Our dentists also offer our patients dental services under general anaesthetic or intravenous sedation at the Mt Barker District Hospital.

Latest News

Is fluoride important?

YES! Fluoride protects your teeth from mineral loss caused by plaque acid & promotes re-mineralisation to repair early decay.
Adults should use a fluoride toothpaste with a medium - soft bristle brush. Children can use a low fluoride toothpaste with a soft bristle brush (check with your dentist whic...
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Should I use a mouthwash?

Mouthwash does not replace brushing and flossing. An alcohol free fluoride mouthwash can provide additional protection.

It is important to use alcohol free mouth wash, those with alcohol can erode your tooth enamel which will weaken your teeth with prolonged use.

A dentist may recommend a special...
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If I have an elderly relative with some natural teeth what can I do to reduce their future pain and discomfort especially as they become more disabled and have dementia, and are relying on carers to clean their teeth?

As people age they lose the manual dexterity to brush their teeth properly and are prone to decay and gum disease.  With time the decay can cause pain and they often can not communicate the pain to family and carers. Also build ups of plaque and calculus on teeth can dislodge and be inhaled causing ...
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