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If I have an elderly relative with some natural teeth what can I do to reduce their future pain and discomfort especially as they become more disabled and have dementia, and are relying on carers to clean their teeth?

As people age they lose the manual dexterity to brush their teeth properly and are prone to decay and gum disease.  With time the decay can cause pain and they often can not communicate the pain to family and carers. Also build ups of plaque and calculus on teeth can dislodge and be inhaled causing pneumonia which can be life threatening in the elderly .

To help stop this from happening we recommend

  1. Keep up with regular dental check-ups and scale and cleans.
  2. Use special tooth brushes that clean all 3 sides of the teeth easily – much easier to use.
  3. Use a combination of two tooth pastes each day.
  • it is wise to use a high fluoride tooth paste each day e.g. Neutro fluor tooth paste. Even if there is residual plaque in the mouth it is not damaging as it has high levels of fluoride.
  • it is wise to alternate with an antibacterial toothpaste to reduce bacteria in the mouth. e.g. Closys 2 tooth paste. This has a mild agent Chlorine Dioxide that reduces bacteria.