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Cosmetic Dentistry » Teeth Straightening Aligners

Teeth Straightening Aligners

Orthodontic aligners are a very effective way of straightening teeth. There are different kinds of orthodontic appliances available nowadays and with improvements in technologies, the aesthetics are much better than they used to be.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a great way to straighten and correct minor tooth alignment. They are a series of plastic retainers that slowly reposition teeth by gradual forces. They are comfortable, easy to clean and are taken out during eating and drinking.

Many adults who are not comfortable wearing metal braces to realign their teeth find clear aligners a more suitable option for them.

Full Orthodontics (Braces)

Full orthodontics, commonly known as braces, is the traditional way of straightening teeth and giving you a beautiful smile through tooth movement. Braces are suitable for the majority of people, however it is the long time of treatment, discomfort and compromised aesthetics that usually leads people to look for an alternative option.

Braces will produce the most accurate and stunning results out of all of the orthodontic options.

As well as beautiful aesthetic results, full orthodontics can be a method of treating Temperomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD) and jaw pain.

Braces are applied and adjusted by a Specialist Orthodontist. The first stage is to have a consult with Dr Ivett who will arrange a referral to a Specialist who best suits the patients orthodontic case.

Braces is highly recommended for teenagers. Book in for an orthodontic consultation to see which option you are best suited to.

Partial Orthodontics

For those who may have had braces when they were teenagers and are noticing some “relapse” or who would just like their front teeth straightened, partial orthodontics are quick, efficient & a great alternative to full orthodontics.

They only include the front 6-8 teeth depending on the case, do not go back to your molars and do not take the usual 2 year treatment time.

The brackets can be either white ceramic or traditional metal brackets. They are convenient, efficient and produce great results in a short amount of time. Not everyone is suitable for partial orthodontics, so book in for a consultation to see if you are eligible.