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General Dentistry » Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

At Mt Barker Dentists root canal treatment is PAIN FREE, so there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of! Root canal therapy is needed when decay has spread to the tooth nerve (pulp chamber), or if a crack has developed down into the root of the tooth.

Root canal therapy is carried out over a number of visits, depending on the reason for treatment.

  1. Your tooth is first cleaned and medicated to alleviate symptoms
  2. Once we’re satisfied the tooth has settled, we’ll commence cleaning, reshaping the canals, and place new medicine in your tooth
  3. At the final root canal therapy appointment, we’ll insert a new synthetic lining into the root canal to stabilise your tooth
  4. For best long-term prognosis of your tooth, a porcelain crown is recommended.

Root canal treatment is a very delicate process and must be completed to ensure the tooth doesn’t become inflamed (re-inflamed) or infected (reinfected). Nothing is ever as good as the original teeth you were born with, so if your tooth can be saved by root canal therapy, it’s a great investment in yourself.