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General Dentistry » Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Mt Barker Dentists are highly experienced in wisdom tooth (third molar) extraction and we can complete 90% of all treatment at our Mt Barker dental surgery.

A consultation is first needed to assess the tooth problems, then X-rays will give us the full picture.

Then if extraction is recommended we’ll talk to you about the level of anaesthesia you’re most comfortable with. Mt Barker Dentists is unique in Hills dental care in that we can offer our patients all options from a routine local anaesthetic to happy gas, intravenous sedation (with an anaesthetist present) or a general anaesthetic at Mt Barker District Hospital. When an extraction is particularly complex we’ll refer to an Oral Surgeon.

Why have a wisdom tooth extracted?

  • If your jaw is not large enough to allow the tooth to erupt naturally into your mouth, it may become impacted.
  • The impacted wisdom tooth may push on your other teeth to gain space to erupt. This can cause your teeth to rotate to allow more space for the wisdom tooth to come through. You will notice teeth (especially your front teeth) becoming more crooked, or your jaw can ache severely leading to headaches.
  • If your impacted tooth comes part way through your gum it can cause a flap of gum to grow over it which becomes inflamed and infected, leading to pericoronitis, extreme pain and swelling from the infection.
  • If your impacted tooth is part way out, bacteria can gather over it and cause decay to your wisdom tooth or an adjacent tooth. If left, your wisdom tooth can abscess or decay severely creating a more difficult extraction visit and longer recovery time. It is wise if you have any jaw ache to book a consultation.