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Sedation Services

Mt Barker Dentists are unique in hills dental care in that we offer an extensive range of sedation options to our patients. We understand that many patients experience anxiety or fear when visiting the dentist, so we are dedicated to making your visit as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Our clinic is calming and our staff friendly and reassuring. In addition, Mt Barker Dentists are fully trained to administer a range of anaesthetic and sedation options from happy gas through to intravenous sedation in the surgery performed by an expert anaesthetist. Our dentists also offer our patients dentistry under general anaesthetic or intravenous sedation at the Mt Barker District Hospital. Ask us all about which sedation option is best for you – but meanwhile, here’s a quick rundown of the sedation services we offer. 

  • Happy gas is a light relaxant that makes you less anxious and your appointment more comfortable. Under happy gas you’re aware of what’s happening but you’re not phased by any of it. You’ll be able to drive within 30 minutes of the completion of your treatment.
  • Oral Valium relaxes you and can be used to supplement other sedation treatments.
  • Intravenous sedation puts you into a light sleep and you’ll have no memory of the treatment. A fully trained anaesthetist will supervise the level of your sedation either at our Mt Barker dental surgery or at Mt Barker District Hospital, depending on the type of treatment and available times.
  • General anaesthetic will be administered to you at the Mt Barker District Hospital as an outpatient. Our expert dentists Dr Stephen Ivett and Dr Julie Monis-Ivett are fully accredited to carry out your dental treatment under general anaesthetic and intravenous sedation. In a consultation prior, they will discuss your treatment plan as well as give you a cost estimate and all relevant information. Mt Barker Dentists has allocated monthly sessions available at the hospital.